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Graphensic investigates Hall sensors

Graphensic and Chalmers are part of an international collaboration in an effort to explore the performance and limits of Hall sensors based on [...]

Graphensic launches webshop

Our customers now have the ability to order products directly from within the web page and pay using paypal (credit card). You can still request non-standard material [...]

High mobility epitaxial graphene devices via aqueous-ozone processing

Author(s):Yager, T. | Webb, M.J. | Grennberg, H. | Yakimova, R. | Lara-Avila, S. | Kubatkin, S.Publication year: 2015Journal / Book title: Applied [...]

Single domain 3C-SiC growth on off-oriented 4H-SiC Substrates

Author(s):Jokubavicius, V. | Yazdi, G.R. | Liljedahl, R. | Ivanov, I.G. | Sun, J. | Liu, X. | Schuh, P. | Wilhelm, M. [...]

Band-gap engineering of ZnO<inf>1-x</inf>S<inf>x</inf> films grown by rf magnetron sputtering of ZnS target

Author(s):Khomyak, V. | Shtepliuk, I. | Khranovskyy, V. | Yakimova, R.Publication year: 2015Journal / Book title: VacuumAccess all results for your search in [...]

A detailed optical investigation of ZnO@ZnS core-shell nanoparticles and their photocatalytic activity at different pH values

Author(s):Sadollahkhani, A. | Nur, O. | Willander, M. | Kazeminezhad, I. | Khranovskyy, V. | Eriksson, M.O. | Yakimova, R. | Holtz, P.-O.Publication [...]

Influence of Impurity Spin Dynamics on Quantum Transport in Epitaxial Graphene

Author(s):Lara-Avila, S. | Kubatkin, S. | Kashuba, O. | Folk, J.A. | Lüscher, S. | Yakimova, R. | Janssen, T.J.B.M. | Tzalenchuk, A. [...]

Charge neutrality in epitaxial graphene on 6H -SiC(0001) via nitrogen intercalation

Author(s):Caffrey, N.M. | Armiento, R. | Yakimova, R. | Abrikosov, I.A.Publication year: 2015Journal / Book title: Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and [...]

Physics of a disordered Dirac point in epitaxial graphene from temperature-dependent magnetotransport measurements

Author(s):Huang, J. | Alexander-Webber, J.A. | Baker, A.M.R. | Janssen, T.J.B.M. | Tzalenchuk, A. | Antonov, V. | Yager, T. | Lara-Avila, S. [...]

Soft X-ray exposure promotes na intercalation in graphene grown on Si-Face SiC

Author(s):Watcharinyanon, S. | Xia, C. | Niu, Y. | Zakharov, A.A. | Johansson, L.I. | Yakimova, R. | Virojanadara, C.Publication year: 2015Journal / [...]

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