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Layer-number determination in graphene on SiC by reflectance mapping

Author(s):Ivanov, I.G. | Hassan, J.U. | Iakimov, T. | Zakharov, A.A. | Yakimova, R. | Janzén, E.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: CarbonAccess [...]

Low temperature near band edge recombination dynamics in ZnO nanorods

Author(s):Urgessa, Z.N. | Botha, J.R. | Eriksson, M.O. | Mbulanga, C.M. | Dobson, S.R. | Tankio Djiokap, S.R. | Karlsson, K.F. | Khranovskyy, [...]

Morphological and electronic properties of epitaxial graphene on SiC

Author(s):Yakimova, R. | Iakimov, T. | Yazdi, G.R. | Bouhafs, C. | Eriksson, J. | Zakharov, A. | Boosalis, A. | Schubert, M. [...]

Photoluminescence study of basal plane stacking faults in ZnO nanowires

Author(s):Khranovskyy, V. | Eriksson, M.O. | Radnoczi, G.Z. | Khalid, A. | Zhang, H. | Holtz, P.O. | Hultman, L. | Yakimova, R.Publication [...]

Polytype transformation and structural characteristics of 3C-SiC on 6H-SiC substrates

Author(s):Vasiliauskas, R. | Marinova, M. | Syväjärvi, M. | Polychroniadis, E.K. | Yakimova, R.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: Journal of Crystal GrowthAccess [...]

Quantum hall effect and quantum point contact in bilayer-patched epitaxial graphene

Author(s):Chua, C. | Connolly, M. | Lartsev, A. | Yager, T. | Lara-Avila, S. | Kubatkin, S. | Kopylov, S. | Fal'Ko, V. [...]

Tuning carrier density across Dirac point in epitaxial graphene on SiC by corona discharge

Author(s):Lartsev, A. | Yager, T. | Bergsten, T. | Tzalenchuk, A. | Janssen, T.J.B.M. | Yakimova, R. | Lara-Avila, S. | Kubatkin, S.Publication [...]

Visualisation of edge effects in side-gated graphene nanodevices

Author(s):Panchal, V. | Lartsev, A. | Manzin, A. | Yakimova, R. | Tzalenchuk, A. | Kazakova, O.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: Scientific [...]

Broadband antireflection and light extraction enhancement in fluorescent sic with nanodome structures

Author(s):Ou, Y. | Zhu, X. | Jokubavicius, V. | Yakimova, R. | Mortensen, N.A. | Syväjärvi, M. | Xiao, S. | Ou, H.Publication [...]

Approaching magnetic ordering in graphene materials by FeCl3 intercalation

Author(s):Bointon, T.H. | Khrapach, I. | Yakimova, R. | Shytov, A.V. | Craciun, M.F. | Russo, S.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: Nano [...]

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