Graphensic investigates Hall sensors

Graphensic and Chalmers are part of an international collaboration in an effort to explore the performance and limits of Hall sensors based on [...]

Graphensic launches webshop

Our customers now have the ability to order products directly from within the web page and pay using paypal (credit card). You can still request non-standard material [...]

Graphensic launches graphene-based resistance standard

The revolutionary material graphene has opened up a whole new range of possible applications.

Graphene Flagship

Graphensic are proud to present that the company now is an associated member with the Graphene Flagship.

Epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide pushes quantum resistance standard

Graphene on silicon carbide has shown to give an accurate resistance standard and to outperform the presently used gallium arsenide devices in many aspects.

Graphensic recruits new chairman of the board

With an increasing customer demand of Graphensic’s graphene, there is a need to focus more on international business development and company visions.

Graphensic will be an exhibitor at IMAGINENANO 2013

Come and meet us at IMAGINENANO 2013 in Bilbao, Spain, April 23 to April 25.

Rositza Yakimova speaks at Graphene Conference

Rositza Yakimova is an invited speaker at Graphene Conference: From Research to Applications

Rositza Yakimova is an invited speaker at 5th South African Conference

Rositza Yakimova is an invited speaker at 5th South African Conference On Photonic Materials on "Morphological and electrical properties of epitaxial graphene on SiC"

CrayoNano demonstrates new technology

A recent publication in Nano Letters by new companyCrayoNano demonstrates a technology that enables growth of vertically aligned and self-catalyzed nanowires on graphene and [...]

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