A detailed optical investigation of ZnO@ZnS core-shell nanoparticles and their photocatalytic activity at different pH values

Author(s):Sadollahkhani, A. | Nur, O. | Willander, M. | Kazeminezhad, I. | Khranovskyy, V. | Eriksson, M.O. | Yakimova, R. | Holtz, P.-O.Publication [...]

Theoretical study of O- and Zn-face polarity effect on the optical properties of the conventional and staggered ZnO/Zn1-xCdxO/ZnO quantum wells

Author(s):Shtepliuk, I. | Khranovskyy, V. | Yakimova, R.Publication year: 2015Journal / Book title: Thin Solid FilmsAccess all results for your search in Scopus [...]

Origin of the current transport anisotropy in epitaxial graphene grown on vicinal 4H-SiC (0001) surfaces

Author(s):Giannazzo, I. | Deretzis, F. | La Magna, A. | Nicotra, G. | Spinella, C. | Fisichella, G. | Fiorenza, P. | Yakimova, [...]

Effects of a modular two-step ozone-water and annealing process on silicon carbide graphene

Author(s):Webb, M.J. | Polley, C. | Dirscherl, K. | Burwell, G. | Palmgren, P. | Niu, Y. | Lundstedt, A. | Zakharov, A.A. [...]

Quantum hall effect and quantum point contact in bilayer-patched epitaxial graphene

Author(s):Chua, C. | Connolly, M. | Lartsev, A. | Yager, T. | Lara-Avila, S. | Kubatkin, S. | Kopylov, S. | Fal'Ko, V. [...]

Erratum: Photoluminescence study of basal plane stacking faults in ZnO nanowires (Physica B: Condensed Matter (2014) 439 (50-53))

Author(s):Khranovskyy, V. | Eriksson, M.O. | Radnoczi, G.Z. | Khalid, A. | Zhang, H. | Holtz, P.O. | Hultman, L. | Yakimova, R.Publication [...]

Tuning carrier density across Dirac point in epitaxial graphene on SiC by corona discharge

Author(s):Lartsev, A. | Yager, T. | Bergsten, T. | Tzalenchuk, A. | Janssen, T.J.B.M. | Yakimova, R. | Lara-Avila, S. | Kubatkin, S.Publication [...]

Exploring graphene formation on the C-terminated face of SiC by structural, chemical and electrical methods

Author(s):Giusca, C.E. | Spencer, S.J. | Shard, A.G. | Yakimova, R. | Kazakova, O.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: CarbonAccess all results for [...]

Visualisation of edge effects in side-gated graphene nanodevices

Author(s):Panchal, V. | Lartsev, A. | Manzin, A. | Yakimova, R. | Tzalenchuk, A. | Kazakova, O.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: Scientific [...]

Large area buffer-free graphene on non-polar (001) cubic silicon carbide

Author(s):Hens, P. | Zakharov, A.A. | Iakimov, T. | Syvä jä rvi, M. | Yakimova, R.Publication year: 2014Journal / Book title: CarbonAccess all [...]

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