Electrochemical cell

Electrochemical cell



The Graphensic Electrochemical Electrode is an electrochemical laboratory platform. The electrode consists of a monolayer graphene on Silicon Carbide. The graphene surface and holder are sealed using an o-ring. The electrode is placed on an aluminium sheet and connected to the output cable with aluminiumtape. The substrate is a chemically resistive semiconductor that isolates the graphene from anything than the liquid and creates a perfect flat surface The graphene is naturally bonded to the substrate, it will not float away.


  • Single crystal graphene electrode Active area ~7 mm2
  • Cavity for liquids A ~15 μL A+B: ~412 μL
  • Cable length 20 cm Standard 4 mm plug
  • Cable to electrode resistance <20
  • Material of holder Polyoxymethylene (POM), (CH2O)n
  • Material of seal Nitrile rubber (NBR)
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