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Graphensic launches graphene-based resistance standard

Graphene-based resistance standard test at SPThe revolutionary material graphene has opened up a whole new range of possible applications. One of these is the ability to observe the quantum Hall effect at relatively low magnetic fields and high temperatures. To utilise this ability, Graphensic have developed a graphene-based resistance standard, the GRS.

By utilising the characteristics of epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide, the experimental equipment can be significantly improved. With our graphene devices, the quantum Hall effect can be observed at magnetic fields of 5 T and temperatures around 4.2 K. Instead of using a cryostat it is now possible to rely on local liquid helium storage dewars for refrigeration. This significantly eases the procedure of setting up the equipment as well as the transportation of the system.

The GRS offers a solution to perform precise and uncomplicated calibrations of the electrical resistance in terms of the quantum Hall effect. It is equipped with a superconducting magnet and comes with a graphene-based QHE chip. The only complementary equipment needed is a liquid helium storage dewar to provide the needed refrigeration. After the GRS is connected to your measurement system, resistance measurements can start within an hour. Since the GRS has the same size as an electric guitar it is no longer an inconvenient process to conduct on-site comparisons of the quantum Hall resistance standard. The GRS is the solution for eliminating the time consuming parts of calibration procedures, enabling you to work more efficiently.

For more information about the GRS, download the product sheet under QHE.

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