Published in Nature Communications

Our research team have, in a joint effort with several others, been working on tuning the charge carrier density of graphene on silicon [...]

Published in Nature Communications2018-11-09T15:20:30+02:00

Graphensic investigates Hall sensors

Graphensic and Chalmers are part of an international collaboration in an effort to explore the performance and limits of Hall sensors based on [...]

Graphensic investigates Hall sensors2018-01-24T12:58:37+02:00

Graphensic launches webshop

Our customers now have the ability to order products directly from within the web page and pay using paypal (credit card). You can still request non-standard material [...]

Graphensic launches webshop2018-02-08T15:03:39+02:00

Graphene Flagship

Graphensic are proud to present that the company now is an associated member with the Graphene Flagship.

Graphene Flagship2016-02-29T16:53:00+02:00

Graphensic recruits new chairman of the board

With an increasing customer demand of Graphensic’s graphene, there is a need to focus more on international business development and company visions.

Graphensic recruits new chairman of the board2016-02-29T16:56:44+02:00
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